Referral Program

Home Loan Whiz is a leading mortgage consultancy service based in Singapore. We work closely with over 16 banks in Singapore.

Rest assured when you refer your friends/ clients to us:

  • We provide the best service to your clients, all for free!
  • We provide neutral, objective and honest advice
  • We provide a commission for each successful referral
  • We have a high closure rate
  • We keep you updated on the status of your client

If you’re referring a friend or relative

Rest assured that your friend or relative will receive the highest quality and most honest advice from our brokers, at no cost to them at all. On top of that, you can look forward to receiving a competitive?referral fee for each successful referral.

If you are an agent who wants to portray a professional image to your clients

We can help you by offering your clients neutral and objective advice, so that they can find the best solution for their needs. Your clients will feel that you are an agent who genuinely hold their interest at heart. This will help built trust, which will lead to a long term relationship with your client and repeat business.

On top of that, we have a very high chance of closing cases as we represent almost all the financial instituitions in Singapore and provide reliable and efficient service. This is in comparison to you recommending the client to 1 or 2 bankers and the client ends up doing his own rate shopping at another bank. We will follow through with cases so that you can focus your precious time on what really matters… MORE SALES!

The best part of it all, you will still get to enjoy a very competitive referral fee!

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