Home Equity Loan

If you are looking to free up extra cash through your existing property, Home Loan Whiz is here to help assist you through the process. There is a segment of home owners who are not aware that there is such a thing as a home equity loan. A home equity loan allows you to take up a term loan against your property at very low interest rates. The loan amount will depend on your property value and personal income.

HDB Units do not qualify for Home Equity Loan due to MAS restrictions. Only private property.

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    Common Uses Of Home Equity Loan

    • Investment opportunities
    • Repay car loans/ Purchase car with cash ( much lower interest rates and low loan to value ratio makes this option attractive)
    • Purchase financial assets
    • Starting a business.
    • Paying off liabilities that are incurring higher interest.

    Why Home Loan Whiz?

    Home Loan Whiz works with 16 banks in Singapore. Over time, we have built up great relationships with bankers who are friendly, reliable and efficient. We are also very well informed on the latest mortgage rates and credit procedures for each bank, enabling us to make better recommendations to you.

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