Commercial Property

Financing Options and Consultation for Commercial/Industrial Property Purchase in Singapore

Understanding Commercial Property Financing

Buying a commercial property can be a very rewarding investment opportunity. Strongly dominated by sophisticated investors and companies of all sizes, commercial property investment is however also a worthy investment for new players – assuming of course you understand the market landscape and strategies that you will need to employ.

Commercial property financing options are however, quite different from that of residential property investment. There are a great many things to consider, including:

  • The different types of commercial properties and the impact that will have on your financing
  • Should you make your purchase in your personal name, under an investment holding company or as part of your existing private limited business?
  • What sort of property taxes would you incur?
  • What is my maximum loan tenure? How much financing can I get?

These are just some of the many common considerations that most commercial property buyers have shared with us. The answers to these questions cannot be determined easily and can be much harder to ascertain without an expert with in-depth knowledge of the market advising you.

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