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Home Mortgage SG is a  mortgage consultancy service based in Singapore.  We help you secure the best mortgage packages in the market, saving you time and up to thousands of dollars in the process. We work with over 16 banks to provide you with FREE and VALUE objective  and UNBIASED advices that enables you to pick the best mortgage package.

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Home Loan Whiz works with and is supported by the major banks operating in Singapore.

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I didn't have time to check the rates with all the banks and decided to try Home Mortgage SG. Lorraine provided me with excellent customer service which excels my expectation and I would definitely recommend them to my friends/ relatives.
Adam Sendler
Customer Service Officer
I am glad to have found Home Mortgage SG while searching for best bank offer. Wayne was efficient and he had always responded fast in my enquiry. Best part here is, we will liaise with the bank direct after shortlisted. It has saved me lot of time and hassle in searching around
Mila Kunis
I was going to just carry on with my current plan but her consistent yet gentle follow up made me change my mind. Now, I'm very happy to say her help will save me a significant amount of money
Mike Stuart
Business Owner

We Work with All Major Mortgage Providers